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My name is Josh Lehman and I have a passion for Engineering, Technology and Computer Programming.

Currently I am transitioning from a role in Mechanical Engineering to a new role in Software Engineering, Computer Programming and Web Development.

Computer programming has become extremely interesting to me over the past fifteen years, ever since I took a C++ Programming course as part of my Mechanical Engineering program. Still recall leaving the first class realizing the possibilities that programming could open up, especially being an avid gamer at the time.

Due to the recent shortage of labor in the sector, coupled with my growing skillset, now is a great time to broaden my professional horizon from mechanical engineering into software engineering/computer programming/web development.

My degree in Mech. Engineering from McMaster University has given me the necessary problem solving/reasoning skills and thought process required for efficient coding in an object oriented programming environment. My attention to detail has been fine tuned from 20+ years of engineering design, overseeing the development of major product lines through the entire lifecycle (R&D, Engineering, Manufacture, Customer Support and Retirement).

These skills will give me an advantage in the software engineering industry.

Please have a look at my interactive resume on (my website)
for a real world application of my programming/web development skills.

I look forward to speaking with you, and to the possibility of having a chance to put my programming skills to work for your organization!

If you would like to see more of my portfolio, resume, or to speak in person via skype or zoom please feel free to contact myself here and I will be sure to respond back within a few hours.

Joshua R.B. Lehman

*NEW* JULY 2022 *NEW

*Interactive* Software Engineering/Web Developer Resume

*Interactive* Software Engineering/Web Developer Resume


Over the past 15 years I have become proficient in the following programming languages:

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Extremely eager to learn new software stacks and help your team level up!

A Taste of my Previous Work

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